Submarine Patrol is now available on Windows 8!

This arcade game plunges you into an amazing submarine war experience. Your mission is guarding the Falkland Islands against marine forces of the enemy. There are 4 different types of ships and only 2 seconds to prepare the next torpedo.
Submarine Patrol is now available on <span>Windows 8</span>!

Goblin Park is now available on Windows 8!

Goblin Hunter is a fun-to-play shooter. Start a fight with insidious goblins from city park. But be careful: they are extremely smart and are hard to catch.
Goblin Park is now available on <span>Windows 8</span>!

State-of-art game for the whole family!

Summer brings not only lots of sun, but also tons of annoying flies. Lead your spider to fight an army of these aggravating insects! Catch all the flies as fast as you can. Move fast, act smart!
State-of-art <span>game</span> for the whole <span>family</span>!

Improve your memory and logic with this smart game!

Improve your logic and reasoning skills by playing this game. The first level is accessible for a complete beginner and even for a child, the expert level is hard even for a chess master.
Improve your <span>memory</span> and <span>logic</span> with this smart game!


All of our games are unique. We do not copy ideas or models. We create from scratch and this is what distinguishes us from other developers and game stores.


We have the best designers to create real characters.


We get ideas from our heads and hearts. And code them with our strong hands.


Game is not worth creating if it carries no fun. We only develop what we enjoy playing ourselves. Try our games and add some pepper to your life!

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