Smartphones and their ecosystems (iOS, Windows Phone and Windows) are gaining more and more popularity. Number of apps and games available for download is growing each day.

Out games is the easiest and the funniest (we hope) way to spend your time.

Our dev team created games that could help improve your memory, reaction and logic. We do our best to add a bit of "pepper" to our games. This makes our games unique and amusing for people of all ages. Download our games and Have Fun !


Great game, check your reaction and endurance!

Severe miners do not need a pickaxe to break through the wall. Our miner does it with his fist. But he must do it very accurately and patiently. Excellent arcade game for those who want to develop reaction and endurance.

Beat the right point and at the right time! Can you?!


Goblin Park

Goblin Hunter is a fun-to-play shooter. Start a fight with insidious goblins from city park. But be careful: they are extremely smart and are hard to catch. Now available on Windows 8!


Submarine Patrol

Be a part of submarines battle! Your mission is guarding the Falkland Islands against marine forces of the enemy.
We would like to show you some tricks so that you can be a successful captain, or even admiral :). Now available on Windows 8!


Bulls & Cows. Multilevel

Bulls and Cows Multilevel develops your logic, attention, improves your memory, perseverance and patience. Bulls and Cows Multilevel is a game for the whole family.


Submarine Patrol 3D

Do you know the difference between U-Boat and Los Angeles submarines ? Will you be able to smash the torpedo-boat and get out of the cruiser attack ?



We are happy to introduce you our new game - FlyNet.

We tried hard to deliver the best colorful graphics, the best game logic and absolutely the best entertainment for everyone.